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Tours and Services


A single day tour?

3 days?

The entire trip?
We do it all.


Business Plan

The key for the perfect trip

Let us help you create the perfect itinerary for your visit to Israel. Whether you're wondering how many days to spend in each region or which sites will captivate your interests, we're here to provide personalized recommendations. From single-day excursions to comprehensive multi-day tours, we can tailor your travel experience to ensure a memorable stay. Explore Israel with ease and confidence with Traveling Jerusalem!

Discover Israel
Like a local

At TravelingJerusalem, we bring you the best of Israel with daily tours led by experts who know the country inside and out. Our tour guides are licensed by the Ministry of Tourism, having undergone extensive training and rigorous examinations.

Attention to detail sets us apart. Our dedicated team of tour guides, drivers, and tour operators work together to ensure your trip is truly unforgettable!

Convenient Transportation
​The wheel is in good hands

Need an airport transfer or a personal driver for the day? Our fleet of high-end vehicles and professional drivers provide a range of transportation services to suit your needs. From seamless airport pickups to full-day chauffeur services, we've got you covered. With, your transportation is in expert hands!

On the Phone
Seamless logistics
Lay back, we will work for you

Logistics are key to a successful and enjoyable trip. At, we ensure every detail is taken care of:

  • We know the best hotels in Israel and will accommodate you according to your desires and needs.

  • We plan optimal locations as bases for touring, considering the sites you want to visit.

  • We handle advance bookings for sites with limited availability.

  • We plan around opening hours and Jewish holidays (did you know that weekends in Israel are Friday and Saturday?).

This is just part of the expertise we offer to make your trip smooth and memorable.

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